Rivergreen Cocktails celebrates the classic cocktail. It's simple. Create a great tasting cocktail that uses only fresh ingredients. Then take that great tasting cocktail and put it in a can so it can be portable enough to take with you wherever you go.

JN Spirits introduces Rivergreen cocktails. REAL cocktails with a 12% ABV. Gin is the star. But it is the fresh juices and other natural ingredients that are added to the gin that elevate these cocktails to create a contemporary twist on a classic favorite. Jn Spirits invites you to enjoy a blast from the past.


Bee’s Knees

Bees Knees’s is made with gin, lemon and honey. The term “bee’s knees” is slang for ‘the best’. Even though this classic cocktail was created a century ago, it never disappoints.

This is a modern version of the classic Bee’s knees. Quality gin with notes of evergreen and spice are combined with lemon juice and golden honey. This creates a canned cocktail that truly is the “bee’s knees”.


The Gimlet is one of the oldest in mixology history. This beverage was adored by sailors in the late 1800’s when lime was used to prevent scurvy on Naval ships. The lime was found to mix well with gin and became popular with the seamen.

This Gimlet is made with a dry gin and fresh lime juice. A touch of organic cane sugar is added to cut the sour of the lime. This canned cocktail is perfect for anyone who enjoys a classic Gimlet.


The Greyhound is a simple cocktail made with gin and grapefruit juice. This is a tart drink that is beautiful in both color and taste.

The Greyhound is named after an infamous drink at a popular restaurant in bus terminals during the 1940’s.

This classic cocktail is refreshing and not overly sweet. If you love the taste of grapefruit then this historic drink will not disappoint you.

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